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Academic Program

Residency training at the Yale program not only provides hands on instruction, but is meant to enhance the podiatric and medical education that began in podiatric medical school.
The program faculty has a strong foundation in podiatric medical education, and includes former podiatric medical school department chairmen and professors, many nationally known lecturers and researchers, as well as former podiatric residency directors and instructors from other programs.
Many of the core faculty members hold clinical faculty appointments at Yale Medical School as Assistant Clinical Professors.
Surgical case preview/review and M+M:
Mondays every other week: 7:30 am
VA Donaldson 
Weekly Academic Conferences
Tuesdays 5:30pm-7:00+ pm
YNHH-SRC/Pod Surgery Conference Room
Yale Podiatric Surgery Grand Rounds
Last monday of the month, 5:00 pm
Yale Medical School, Brady Auditorium
Yale Podiatric Surgery M & M Conference
Last monday of the month, TF Grand Rounds
Yale Medical School, Brady Auditorium
Journal Club
Held weekly at Tuesday academic conference
Hands on workshops 
Held periodically throughout the year.
Avg one/month and topics include suture, tendon suture, casting, sawbones/AO workshop, cadaver lab, and flap techniques among others.
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Yale-New Haven Medical Center Academic Conferences


Over 50 academic CME events occur at YNHMC monthly, and a schedule of CME events can be found at   http://medicine.yale.edu/cme/calendar.aspx   Specific events that residents may attend:


   Orthopaedic Grand Rounds - held in the Yale Medical School’s Brady  

     auditorium, at 8:00 am each Friday. 


   Infectious Disease Seminar- held in the Yale Medical School’s The Anlyan

     Center/TAC room N107 (auditorium), Wednesday mornings 8:30.

Continuing Medical Education/Conferences
Residents typically attend:
AO basic course in PGY-1 year
AO advanced course in PGY-2 year.
CPMA Yearly Academic Conference
Danbury Hospital /CPMA cadaver workshop
In addition CME money is provided yearly for attendance of national conferences.