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Externship / Clerkship

The Yale/VA Podiatric Externship Program’s mission is to offer late third and fourth year podiatric medical students a comprehensive academic, clinical, medical and surgical experience utilizing a multidisciplinary approach.


Clerks generally spend 20 days at Yale New Haven Hospital campuses and 10 days at VACT campuses. They participate in and assist with surgical procedures, inpatient rounds/consults, out-patient clinics and ED consultations.  Clerks have the opportunity to research and provide a lecture/presentation during their clerkship.

Program Competencies


1.      Be exposed to an array of academic, clinical, medical, and surgical experiences during the rotation.

2.      Become familiar with the roles and responsibilities of other medical disciplines and their relationship with the Podiatric Surgical Service.

3.      Participate in weekly residents and attending physician academic exercises along with workshops will prepare you with the knowledge, attitude and skills for postgraduate education.

4.      Be exposed to clinical experiences that consist of opportunities to rotate through attending physician’s offices, participate in patient care at multiple hospital clinics, and assist residents with in-house patient management.

5.      Be exposed to hospital procedures, protocol, and perioperative management of the surgical patient.

6.      Become competent with podiatric surgical history and physicals.

7.      Become familiar with forefoot, midfoot, rearfoot, ankle, plastic, and reconstructive procedures.

8.      Be exposed to opportunities to refine surgical skills and identify any deficiencies.

9.      Participate in experiences that will refine your knowledge and skills to prepare you for the residency interview process and advancement into post-graduate training.

Rules and Regulations


  1. Dress Code: Wear appropriate attire at all times including grand rounds, conferences, workshops, visiting attending physician’s offices, etc.  Externs are to wear short laboratory coats and ID badges.  Male externs are expected to wear shirt and tie. Female externs are to wear appropriate professional attire.  Proper grooming and neatness of clothing is anticipated.  Any questions regarding dress code should be directed to a resident at the location where you are rotating.

  2. Externs should be available to assist the attendings and residents in post operative care including cast applications, dressing changes and other related activities.  This includes assisting with History & Physicals, post-op notes, and orders.

  3. Examine pre and post-operative x-rays and be able to discuss them with the attending and/or resident.  If pre-operative x-rays are available, measure angles etc. if appropriate..

  4. Show initiative in asking questions of the attending physician and/or residents.

  5. You will be responsible for attending all lectures, journal clubs, and workshops scheduled unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

  6. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Extenuating circumstances will be taken on an individual basis. The extern should arrive prior to the intern to pre-round, collect vital signs, prepare dressing supplies, etc. Externs are expected to accompany and assist the intern with morning and/or evening rounds.

  7. Do not contradict an attending’s or resident’s statement, diagnosis, or chosen procedure in front of a patient or staff personnel.  Defer questions about patients and their condition/treatment to the attending or resident.

  8. Leaves of absence will only be granted for legitimate reasons by the Extern Director/Service Chief and will not be granted arbitrarily.

  9. If you have any problems or complaints about an attending or resident, please contact the Externship Director.

  10. Any comments or suggestions that you feel will be helpful to our program will be greatly appreciated.  They should be submitted to the Externship Director.